Thursday, December 03, 2009

This stylesheet is maxed out now.

Yes, folks, there are limits to what I will do. Adding three more images to the stylesheet has made it as large as I can let it be and still sleep at night. I hope none of you are on dial-up, 'cuz this page has just transitioned into “sometime next month” ETA territory for the fourteen-four crowd.

Obviously, I need to find a place to put the images where they can load (as binaries) in a reasonable amount of time. I've tried Picassa Web Albums and Flickr, and they're both way too slow for me—my browser won't load them nine times out of ten. Oh, they'd load just fine as <img> elements (eventually), but they're just decorations, not content, and I've gotten pretty hard-line about semantic purity ever since accessibility has become an issue. So for now the images will remain Base64-encoded on the stylesheet. Sorry about the page size.

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