Thursday, July 10, 2008

Some Answers?

Hmmm. Seems like it may be Parkinson's after all. Let's see what L-dopa and a good, old-fashioned acetylcholinesterase inhibitor do for me. It would be nice to have both my mind and body back again -- I've kinda missed having them around for the ride.

Have you ever had a project where you have written every line of code, and know what everything is doing right down to the iron, yet can't figure out why the whole system won't play nice together? Medicine can be a lot like that. I've had neurologists measuring this, scanning that and analyzing the other thing for quite a while now. It took a GP to put it all together, blow the whistle, throw the flag and issue a fifteen-yard penalty for excessive bullshit in the backfield. Now that everybody is re-focused, we ought to be able to make a bit of progress.

On a lighter note, today marks exactly twenty-three years since my last drink. You know, this diagnosis thingy might just turn out to be the best birthday present I've had in a very long time.


Richard said...

Congratulations on the 23 years. The diagnosis sounds like a positive step, and it is good to see you taking it as one. I wish you all the best in this latest chapter of your ongoing saga.

Gregg said...

Excellent news on the diagnosis! Congratulations on 23 years.

I was just thinking about you yesterday, as I noticed your feed had been quiet for a while.

Best wishes for better health.

Charles Robinson said...

Glad to hear you're still fighting a good fight. That last post had me a little concerned you were giving up. Hopefully you'll get back to normal (for you). ;-)

Stan Rogers said...

"Normal (for me)" can never be arrived at, given any reasonable definition of those three words. It's a choice -- "normal" or "for me". If any of you ever catch sight of me appearing "normal", no matter what the qualifier, you can safely assume that the pharmacological experimentation has gone too far, or that I have been lobotomized. Place a pillow firmly over my face, then throw the hydrotherapy machine through the window and make your escape while you can.

JYR said...

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest...A really good movie :-)

23 years, one day at the time...congratulations Stan!


Spanky said...

Hey there amigo.

Whilst the idea of Parkinson's is a scary one; I would think it is better than _NOT_ knowing what the heck is wrong.

23 Years eh? very nice. Good job my friend.

Karen said...

Congratulations on the anniversary, Stan! Good for you; that's no small feat.

Having a diagnosis must help. Isn't it funny (and sometimes maddening) that it takes one doctor, after a string of them, to finally put the puzzle piece in place and see the whole picture? Glad that appears to have happened for you.

jonvon said...

hey stan! wow glad to hear you are getting it all figured out! i know the feeling, been down similar roads health-wise lately too. unfortunately in my case i had to figure it out myself but doing better now.

congrats on 23 years sir!

Ben dubuc said...

Hurray for those 23 years! I'm glad to see the medical of things are progressing on your side. I know the feeling all too well and my bullshit meter was also in the red for a while.

We still can't figure out what my oldest daughter has, but I just found the doctor that might clear things up. I have a caft problem and after a few doctors, I decided to try a "sport" doctor. I happened to go where the doctors/physios/name it of the Montreal Allouettes are! 10 minutes and the doctor knew exactly what I had... Marvelous...

Anyway, keep it up and to 23 more

Toad said...

23 years ?! Well done that man ! Keep strong Stan.


STAG said...

Interesting, coming up in August is my 26th anniversary for quitting smoking.

Oh it was easy, I did it lots of times.

But on my birthday in 1982, at the Rod and Gun club at Camp Borden, I butted out for the last time. Also quit drinking both beer and coffee that order to destroy the "linkage", but of course, THAT didn't stick for more than a couple of months.

I wish I could say I don't miss it.

I can't imagine that long without a drink though. Clearly you are tougher than me.



Henning Heinz said...

Long time no hear. Hope you are doing better now. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.