Thursday, July 10, 2008

Some Answers?

Hmmm. Seems like it may be Parkinson's after all. Let's see what L-dopa and a good, old-fashioned acetylcholinesterase inhibitor do for me. It would be nice to have both my mind and body back again -- I've kinda missed having them around for the ride.

Have you ever had a project where you have written every line of code, and know what everything is doing right down to the iron, yet can't figure out why the whole system won't play nice together? Medicine can be a lot like that. I've had neurologists measuring this, scanning that and analyzing the other thing for quite a while now. It took a GP to put it all together, blow the whistle, throw the flag and issue a fifteen-yard penalty for excessive bullshit in the backfield. Now that everybody is re-focused, we ought to be able to make a bit of progress.

On a lighter note, today marks exactly twenty-three years since my last drink. You know, this diagnosis thingy might just turn out to be the best birthday present I've had in a very long time.