Monday, June 26, 2006

Thanks for all the fish....

Some blogs die of neglect. Some are withdrawn by people who have second thoughts about being public. This one is dying of poverty and malnutrition. I can't afford to feed it any more.

This whole Notes developer thing has been a blast. The past tense really seems appropriate now, though. I don't have a computer to use since my ancient laptop's power supply took up smoking. Things had been going slowly downhill for a while -- the floppy drive was long gone, the trackpad was just a nuisance that would randomly select and cut things rather than merely point, the battery had just enough capacity for a safe shut down in the event of an AC outage -- but I was really hoping to be able to replace the computer before anything failed that would keep me from working altogether. With a working machine and a wireless card, I could always piggyback on someone else's internet service and at least keep up the appearance of having resources available to me. With that gone, though, I might be able to afford to triage my email once every week or two at an internet cafe, and I can only use my pay-as-you-go cell phone when I'm not at home (I basically had a choice between a place I could afford and one that had cell signal). Combined, that makes it awfully damned difficult to get a programming job. I can't even take work-at-home stuff unless there's enough money up front to cover the price of a power supply and comms costs, and I really can't imagine anyone being that stupid.

So that's it, folks. It's been a slice. I have enjoyed working on the Notes and Domino platform. And I have met some pretty fantastic people along the way, at least in the online sense of the word "met".

I don't know if I'll ever be in a position to rejoin the fold. I sold everything I had of value to keep up appearances, hoping that I would land a job before I ran out of resources. Well, that didn't quite work out the way I had hoped. I am literally using my last disposable dollar for the month of June to post this entry. I certainly won't be able to spend time and money composing or responding to blog entries or posting on the LDD forum on next month's budget unless I've found a job in the meantime. And when I do find work, it's not very likely to be Notes-related, or even computer-related, and probably won't be full-time or pay well enough to get me out of the hole I've dug for myself anytime soon.

Feel free to leave comments or send email, but be aware that I won't be able to read either right away. (Same thing goes for the PayPal panhandling button in the navigation area — while I'd be immensely appreciative of any spare change tossed my way, I probably wouldn't be aware of it for some time.) I'll try to keep you up to date, but I'm not sure that it'll be relevant reading for anyone who isn't fascinated by train wrecks. Sorry about that, folks.


Bill Buchan said...

You have nothing whatsoever to be sorry about. You've done a sterling job at picking yourself up, and its just a crying fricking shame that its not worked out for you.


Things will get better. I feel it. You deserve it.

---* Bill

Joe Litton said...

Dang, man. You've been an inspiration to me and many others for a long time. I've emailed you about some hardware I've got that I'd like to ship to you. Not as nice as a new laptop and a contract gig ...but let me know if it would be of any use.

Please keep posting - whatever you can, whenever you can. Very best wishes, sir.

- Joe

Spanky said...

Check your email for my contact info. I have an older (P3) Dell laptop w/wireless card you can HAVE. It's out of warrantee, but has served me very well. Let me know, and I'll ship it out tomorrow.


Jess said...

Oh Stan! I'm emailing you with a referral for a job opening for dual Developer/Admin job here in RI. You never know... Just remember you have friends that love you. Let us know what we can do to help.

Rob McDonagh said...

Stan, check your tip jar. Check your email. You have 'tide me over' money inbound, and offers of laptops out the wazoo. You're down; you're not out.

Karen said...

Damn, you should have gasped for air a little sooner, because I know a lot of people would love to help.

If your public libraries have free internet like we do in the states, you should be able to check your mail and this blog there, right?

All the best to you. I'll be checking back.

Jake Howlett said...

Hi Stan. If you really are leaving the community then that's a true shame as it won't be the same without you. What will all those idiot question posters on LDD do now?!
Realistically isn't a future with Notes your best bet as a route out of your current predicamant? Seriously, what else would you do that could potentially earn you as much as Notes could?!
If you need a new PC and asked for one I'm sure the community out here would put up enough cash to get you one. I know I'd put some towards it.
Don't give up just because your equipment has ;o) Christ, can you imagine if we all did that.

Mike said...


I cannot thank you enough for all the answers you have given me over the years on the forums. So the small token I will be sending you will pale into comparison against my gratitude.

It is quite nice to see people raly around others - it shows that the forums and blogs can create a community spirit. And the more I read the comments people are leaving, the more I would be honoured if I was considered a member (albeit an relatively quiet one)

Hang in there - you never know what is round the corner. Everything happens for a reason and what goes around comes around. You are due to be repaid with interest for all your kindness over the years

Remember me when you are CEO of IBM!!!!


jonvon said...

i have to echo the sentiments of everyone here. dude! you've not only enlightened me as to general Notes guru-goodness, but you've even given me stellar advice about headphones!

we're here for you man. you do the community much honor by letting us know of your plight.

thanks. :-)

JoeCanadian said...


Please check your email, my colleague Richard sent you something last night.

Ken Porter
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Mike Zens said...


You will surely be missed. I know that your answers were always good ones and correct. I wish you the best and hope that our paths on the net will pass again.

Mike Zens

Bruce Uberti said...

Stan! I echo everyone else. I have learned SO MUCH from your posts and answers to my questions over the years.

I'm just a lowly state worker here in Oregon, but payday is the 30th of the month, and I'll kick in to your PayPal account.

It's certainly little enough for all the assistance.

Remember Nietzsche's comment:
"What does not destroy me, makes me stronger."


Matt White said...

I've added a small amount to the PayPal account, I hope we can get enough to tide you over until you find some work. More than deserved for all the efforts on over the years.


dogu said...


What about a job in FL? That one guy working for the (I think) Manatee county has been begging for help. If you're willing to relo-there's worse places than FL.

I know what it feels like to be back against the wall. Get pissed. You will find something that works. If you're lucky, it'll be better than now. If you're not, it probably won't be any worse.

Take care.

Doug Finner

dogu said...

It was Manatee county:,manatee

Summer time, and the livin' is easy. Fish are jumpin' and da cotten is high....

OK, it's hot and buggy, but if you like that kind of thing...


Alex Hernandez said...

Stan, never surrender!

I hope you can find something quick, sadly I can't do much from here. I've been in the same road than you, so I know the feeling.

Good luck!


domlike said...


I'm one of the idiot question posters that Jake spoke about...

I really hope you're gonna find something quick.


Ed Brill said...

Has anyone found Stan yet? I hope so...

justin carter said...

I'd like to echo the sentiments already posted here Stan.

You've certainly helped me over the years both in responding to my idiot posts, as Jake puts it, and in providing inspiration for new (to me anyway)and interesting ways to use the Domino platform.

I find it incredible that someone with your obvious talent cannot find paid work and I'm sure that the break you are looking for will come soon.

I will certainly be contributing to the pot, it is the very least I can do.

Axel Janssen said...


come on over to the dark side.
Distrust those fighters for freedom and peace from IBM.
Learn to hate. Distrust this community mumbo jambo. Work hard for ur customers and employers. Not for community. Community is for having fun (either empathy or just laugh about this bunch of jokers).
I switched to a better paid job lately and the old employer says that he not even likes to see me leaving.
Invest less time in answering those questions from this ever-anoying noobs. They suck your energy.

I do wish you sincerely all the best.


Richard Schwartz said...


Percussion is hiring. I found this on Monster.

If that one wouldn't suit you, there are several other postings on their web site.


jonvon said...

be sure to check this post stan

(or just contact volker)


Philip Storry said...


Payday approaches - I can't spare much, but what I can is yours.

I hope things turn for the better for you.

-- Phil

Karen said...

Y'know, if you go to Canada411 and you type in Stan Rogers, you get some results. But then what?

[ring, ring] "Hi, is this Stan Rogers? THE Stan Rogers, of Lotus Notes fame?"...

"No, Notes is NOT dead. Are you or are you not THE Stan Rogers?"...

"No, that one is a singer, or so I've been told."...

"Okay, thanks anyway."

Dave Harris said...

Echo Philip

Ever fancied Malaysia?

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