Monday, January 30, 2006

Yellow is the new black

Might as well join the party, what? Some nearly purty pitchers below:

Just a stripe YITNB Wallpaper -- 1600 by 1200 YITNB Wallpaper -- 1280 by 1024 YITNB Wallpaper -- 1024 by 768 -- GIF

For some truly maddening reason, Blogger has decided that these images should be JPEGs rather than the original GIFs except for the 1024 by 768 version. The conversion must happen based on the image size. I've mailed the originals off to Rocky and Rich, so if you want the version without JPEG artifacts, you may be able to get them somewhere else. If not, you can always mail me. Didn't hit your screen size? Want a custom insert somewhere? Same deal -- mail me.


Richard Schwartz said...

What? No link to ? :-)

Stan Rogers said...

Check the mouseover on your name -- no towels available on that link. I hope to open up the selection a bit once I get some proper ancillary graphics in my collection, and I'll definitely make the new site link more prominent in the next posting. Might as well try to keep the fire burning, eh?

Adeleida said...

Those look really nice... I think they can look gorgeous as an email signature :)

Alison said...

I like those. One is now proudly adorning my desktop!!
Thank you. :-)