Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Email signature graphic, anyone?

I left a little room on the right for your own blurb -- or you can just chop it off. Your call.

Added: Oh, by the way -- if any of you are using PSP and want to modify the graphic to suit your own taste, there's no need to re-invent the wheel. Just mail me to request the multi-layer PSP-native file. The base graphic is much bigger than what you see here (3200 by 250), the text is still vector, and so forth. If you want to resize and move things around, modify the background colour, etc., you'll get a better final product than if you start with a small GIF. And big thanks to Ben Poole for supplying me with the Mac icon resource.

I'm still looking for a larger version of the current Lotus Software logo -- all I've been able to find is a small GIF. If anyone's got a large TIFF or EPS version (the sort of thing that's usually supplied for print ads), I'd be more than happy to have it. I've got some very good ideas for future versions, but I can't use the logo I have now (the biggest I could find on a web search), and trying to recreate something that's trademarked without the original font is, um, a wee bit difficult.

Added moreThanks to Bernd Hort, I now have the EPS logo I wanted for my birthday. Now to see if I can make it worth the trouble.


Ben Poole said...

Very nice :o)

Joe Litton said...

I am definitely adding THAT to my sig! it's purdy!

Adeleida said...

Oh yes please! Thank you, thank you!!!

Chris Bordeleau said...

Thanks.... What font did you use and do you have a psd you care to share for it?

Rock (Lotus Geek) said...

Kewl - I made some mods of my own, posted here:

chris bordeleau said...

Created my own... Wanted something a bit smaller.... new sig

Stan Rogers said...

@Chris -- the font is just Arial, but I modified the "t" (which, in Arial, has a slanted top) to make it look more like the Helvetica "t".

In Paint Shop Pro, create the text as vector, then convert to character shapes. That allows you to do manual kerning to optically balance the letter spacing, and also gives one the opportunity to manually edit the character paths (in this case, dragging the point at the left edge of the "t" ascender to match the right edge). Photoshop allows the same sort of procedures, but I'm more comfortable with mixed vextor and raster elements in PSP.

There will be more coming, folks. These were just meant to more-or-less duplicate the stage background for Surjit's talk.