Saturday, January 28, 2006

About Lotusphere 2006

Okay, so I wasn't there. In some respects, I'm thankful for that — I had the predicted back mutiny. But this was, apparently, not the Lotusphere to miss.

There is a level of excitement in the community that I have never seen before. Rocky blogged about the enthusiasm cycle, and I have to say that as somebody who entered the Notes and Domino world on or about the nadir (late 2000), I am glad to see both that IBM has made their commitment to the platform clear, and that the community has collectively stopped wondering when the other shoe is going to drop. It's not one or two voices crying in the wilderness anymore.

I don't know about the rest of you, but I can't wait for Hannover to go to public beta. It's hard to tell from a coupla screen shots and some third-hand reporting, but it looks like I'll finally be able to do in the Notes client a lot of what I've been working so hard to do on the web. Rich is not the only one turned on by activity-centric collaboration. That has been both the single biggest hurdle in getting my Domino application suite together, and the single biggest reason why it cannot be a Notes client application suite right now, today. Hannover and WCS look like they will provide a solution to a problem that is currently intractible in Notes.

I am sorry I missed some of the sessions. Jess's admin for dummies developers session got rave reviews, and Julian has been declared the new star presenter. Okay, I'm not going to list everything I missed -- you can look up the whole session list more easily than I can type it.

I just hope that, in a couple of thousand years' time, my descendants, should there be any, aren't gathered around a table sometime in January for a festival dinner that includes a wistful "next year in Orlando".


Adeleida said...

I feel your pain! I've never been to Lotusphere, it is just too far away, but I guess if I was ever in a position to choose a single year to go, I would have chosen this one. I'm saving up for next year, though, hoping that the "make noteslove" flower power will survive to see the Rise of a New Era...Hannover :)

Jess said...

I'm so sorry to hear your back is showing it's mean side again for you. You were dearly missed last week, I would have *loved* it if you were there for my presentation. Maybe if we can organize a get together in Toronto, we could all meet, and it would require no travel on your part? You still have to make good on that hug promise for me. I'm not letting you off the hook, you know...

Stan Rogers said...

Not to worry too much, Jess -- it wasn't The Big One, but it was enough that getting around WallyWorld would have been a bit much. But I will get to the Promised Land and get that hug. The suite is sweet and just about ready to go, and if all goes well I won't have to ask my supervisor at McDonald's for the week off next year. (Just getting the business side up and running now. PayPal and a cell phone do not quite an enterprise make, I'm told.)