Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Sorry about the Captcha* thing

Once upon a long time ago (that would be last week some time), it was easy to comment on this blog. Nary a bit of comment spam ever came my way. In the past week and a bit, I've had to delete several. While I haven't had nearly the problems that some folks have had, I thought I'd take advantage of a Blogger feature to try to nip this stuff in the bud.

A word of warning, though -- the Captcha* thing times out reltively quickly, so if you are entering a longish comment with typing skills that match my seventeen words per hour, you may have to resubmit your comment with a new Captcha value.

Completely Automated Public Turing Test to Tell Computers and Humans Apart. You know, those squiggly alphanumeric pictures you have to "copy" into a text field. So far this year, people can usually extract the characters from the picture in a reasonable amount of time and computers usually take to long. I give it until about mid-February (around my birthday, more or less) before spambots grow a good-enough OCR facility to make the whole thing worthless.


Mıka Heınonen said...

I'm a bıodynamıc neurologıc computer, and I can read the text ın the graphıcal ımage.

Why don't you use your self-made Domıno based blog, I thınk the blog spam robots can't handle all new ındıdual formats of blogs, so they just spam the commonly known blog software users.

Greetıngs from Turkey, Kemer :)

Stan Rogers said...

I'd love to, Mika, but I don't have a server to use. (Yes, I know about the free hosting, but I've got a few months of credit-building yet before I can get the credit card I'd need to set up an account.)

Jess said...

I've *finally* got my spam situation under control. The only annoying thing was discovering that I had lost about 90% of my legitimate comments in the process. I think the entering in of letters is a great idea, I've always thought so. It's no more trouble for us, and probably really pisses off the spammers. Works for me! :-)

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