Sunday, June 12, 2005

Oh, yeah. Blogroll. Right.

Sorry about the linkless sidebar, folks. It goes with the template here at Blogger, and since my preferred template didn't quite work out as planned, I kinda missed the links when I threw this together. It's still not quite done (my bookmarks on this machine don't cover evertything I read), so if you're missing, please be patient. Or hand me in effigy on your own blog. Whatever.


Alex Hernandez said...

Hi Stan, Good that you are blogging. I closed my Dominocode site because it gave me bad luck. Yes I'm a supersticious about that. I'm planning to start blogging again soon and just with my name and not the domino stuff in the middle.

Good luck ;-)


Stan Rogers said...

I was wondering, Alex -- I tried to give somebody a link to something I'd remembered reading there a couple of days ago, and got the ol' "Would you like to but this domain" message. Glad to see you're still around, and thanks for dropping by!

Stan Rogers said...

That's "buy", not "but".

Helen Carter said...

Hi Stan,

Thanks for your blog - only discovered it today! It's been a nice distraction from my current assigned task of combining 3 Notes databases into one, adding two new forms (and trying to incorporating one into the existing parent-child structure!) and a gazillion new views....... All waaaaay beyond my Notes capabilities, but I'll keep slogging away at it.

But I'm wondering if/when we'll see any paintings???

Regards from an old LDD fan from Australia,


Coatsie said...

Saw your comment on the site thanks, I suppose they are pretty big for bugs.
I've been reading your site for a while but I finally got around to adding you to my blogroll.