Wednesday, June 29, 2005

The MIT Weblog Survey

Lately I've seen quite a number of blogs featuring a geeky logo from MIT. This ticks me off to no end. Seems just anyone can wander on over, register and participate, then throw a symbol of geek coolitude on their blog.

Well, you wanna know something? I was invited to take the survey a couple-three weeks ago, and there was no glory, no badges, and no souvenirs for this cat.

Why, oh why, does the world treat me this way?

Now, what I want all of you bloggers out there to do is to wander over to the survey site, get your key, take the survey and post the damned graphics. Maybe if I'm the only one not sporting the "brand" I can feel special again.


Gregg Eldred said...

Since I actually read the project notes (or whatever they call it), I was thinking "I wonder who they personally invited?" I felt like an interloper, but then they softened my apprehension with "the more people we get, the better the results." So I felt a *little* better. But I am very impressed that you were personally invited. Of course, that and $4 will get you a pint of Guinness. :-)

Spanky said...

Stan doesn't drink. However, I'm sure he can spend that $4 on a nice "chicken salad sandwich and coffee."

Serious geeks (MIT folk) should be able to guess what I'm referencing above.


Jess said...

Well, he definately won't be spending it on quiche. :-)

I don't think I did it right. I didn't get one graphic, I got 4 possible choices and it said "choose one for your site."

Jess said...

ps - Spill it Devin! We're all going to be madly curious about your reference. :-)

Stan Rogers said...

Quiche? Oh, you mean egg pie. It's loaded with saturated fats, excess sodium, and some great natural precursors for serum cholesterol. Throw in the smoked flesh of something you killed yourself, a couple of Quetzalsacatenango insanity peppers and just a pinch of allspice, and you've got the ultimate Real Man's meal (minus the beer, which should be dark, smokey and nearly chewy without being overly hoppy, for those who can safely brew and drink the stuff). Just don't call it quiche.

Jess said...

I remember my dad explaining the story behind the quiche reference to me when I was a kid. I believe he called it a 'pansy word' or something to that effect.

He has such good stories. :-)