Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Give it up -- Stop!!!

Well, we've reached somethng of a breaking point here. As much as I'd like to continue posting code on this site, I've become more than a little fed up with trying to do it through Blogger. I suppose this system works well enough if all you want to do is post meaningless text (and by that I mean text lacking anything like proper semantic markup), but there's too much futzing around trying to make the HTML I write come out properly on the other end. There's also a little less reliability here than I'd like -- if I have to make five or six attempts to post in order to get the HTML right and the "creation area" is unreachable (as it often is), then there's just too much pain for too little gain.

I will continue to post personal entries, but until I can move this blog to a more suitable environment (like, say, Domino), there will be nothing more than the occasional snippet posted here. You may take both "occasional" and "snippet" to the extreme -- I plan to post "@", "import" or "Dim" only, and then only once or twice a year.

In the meantime, I am continuing to build my Domino-based blog, including articles, working examples, downloads and pictures. When I finally have access to a publicly-accessible Domino server, you'll be able to see what this place was supposed to look like in the first place. Oh, and I just may have to take Duffbert up on the ePro article thing just to satisfy my show-off urges for a while.


Anonymous said...

Hm. DDN offers a free Domino-based blog hosting solution, I believe - just the blog, nothing else, but that works for you, right? Their automated setup routine probably requires a credit card, which I seem to remember you saying you can't get, but I can't imagine Dan Frederiksen (the owner) being a twit about it - it's not like he *needs* a credit card for a free service, after all. Worth looking into? If you don't know Dan personally, any one of several Domino bloggers - self included - could get you a virtual intro...

Anonymous said...


I'd be happy to host your blog for you on my jaffacake.net server.

My blog is on that server at http://blog.jaffacake.net so if performance is adequate for you then drop me a line at blog@jaffacake.net