Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Quote of the day

"A political candidate who jumps to conclusions without knowing the facts is not the person you want as your Commander-in-Chief."

George W. Bush, 27 October, 2004

Need comments? Didn't think so.


Anonymous said...


Rob McDonagh

Benoit Dubuc said...

I miss Jean Chretien!!! He had good ones too!

Anonymous said...

It's really incredible to us European's how somebody so stupid could win an election.
It's even more incredible that according to current polls, some 50% of US citizens aren't aware that they have an idiot for a president and are willing to re-elect this guy !!
Maybe these people should read and listen to the news in the rest of the world and not only see the filtered news on national TV!

Jean Marie

Benoit Dubuc said...

Jean-Marie, I too think that Americans are not aware of what's going on in the rest of the world. Now I don't want to offend my neighbors, but I've been working for a company that has its head office in the states and each time an application was pushed from the US to Canada, they didn't realise that in Canada, we have bilingual issues, laws are different, we don' twork quite the same way... I'm sure tough that there are Americans who care about us, non Americans (or else 80% of Americans would vote for Bush!).

My 2 Canadian Cents (and they are rapidly gaining up on the US Dollar - but not quite there compared to the Euro)

I also think that general culture is loosing ground in every G8 country. Kids don't care about nothing else than TV and SpongeBob Square pants. Scan these history books and put them on the Interent, quick!!! It's the only way they'll have a look at them.

Stan Rogers said...

Two words: Silvio Berlusconi. Europeans, as a species, are not that much smarter. As far as that goes, one could question the choice of Jacques Chirac (reactionary post-Mitterand reflex, not unlike the neo-con revolution in the US) and Charles De Gaulle (a self-important, ineffectual British-appointed military figurehead) in France. To be fair, Chirac was a better choice than Le Pen last time, but that's not saying all that much, is it? If George Bush were running against David Duke, even the most liberal Democrats would be forced to vote for Bush.

Nobody is innocent; name a democracy, and I'll name an idiot or intransigent ideologue that it's elected. Canada had John Diefenbaker and Brian Mulroney, to name but two, and the Québequois are still wondering what they were thinking when they put Duplessis and Landry in charge. In my neck of the woods, Mike Harris pretty much destroyed what a lot of people had literally fought and died to achieve. It will be many years before we can fix what was broken by the "Common Sense Revolution".

Anonymous said...

True, in Europe we have our share of idiots as well. At least they don't get elected twice and send us to war regardless of what the rest of the world thinks.

The thing that botters me most about Bush is his arrogance, like he knows it all where actually he is ignorant. Well, the same can be said about Berlusconi, but then again he's only a small potatoe who can't do that much harm.

But with a guy like Bush in charge of the biggest nuclear power in the world (talk about weapons of mass destruction!!) I sometimes can't help but wonder if we aren't all in great danger.

As for the war against terrorism he's got a point, we should all fight against it. Has the world gotten safer because of Bush's war against terrorism? I don't think so. Maybe he should have done the smart thing and that is wait for the UN to give his go before he went to war.

Just my two eurocents of course and none of this is intended to offend anybody else but mr George W. Bush himself.

Anonymous said...

Could the Fact that alot of Europe was on the payroll of Sadam Hussein and his Oil for Palaces scam have anything to do with Europe's dislike of the US taking Sadam out of power? Hmmm.....