Monday, October 25, 2004

Being (busy) and Nothingness

Sorry to leave you stranded, folks. Someone seems to have excised about two hours from the average day. I figure it's just a new tax -- I really should have paid more attention to the Speech from the Throne when Parliament opened.

The real time has gone into documenting weird forms. I'm not sure why the code got as weird as it did; maybe somebody out there can clue me in. Still, the app works now, and I have to make sure that nobody performs a weirdectomy to make the app look like a normal Domino app.

What I've done would only be considered a WTF in our little Domino world. I was putting a web app together, and several of the fields in this app are hidden computed fields that get their values via actions and dialogs. Taking that app to the web, I concocted a little under three thousand lines of selectively-loaded JavaScript. (The <script> tags are computed at run-time, the code itself is cacheable, and only a handful of "Gods of the database" will have to download more than a small subset of the JS. Did I mention that the app was non-trivial?) Well, a funny thing happened on the way to the Forum -- I couldn't get the hidden fields to work. It didn't matter whether I left them visible and used the HTML Attributes object or hid them and used "Generate HTML for all fields" the data would always come up truncated in the HTML source. I ended up having to hand-code the HTML fields in passthru with the Designer fields between quotes in the value attribute. I'm not talking about a couple of fields, either. This may be normal in ASP, PHP, JSP and so on, but dammit, this is Domino. I shouldn't have to wear out my typing fingers like that. (I have other fingers that are never used for typing, and they're still relaxed and comfortable. Thanks for asking.)

Anyway, I hope to be firmly into "what are they gonna do, fire me?" mode for the rest of the week, so I should be a bit more active here. See you tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

So when do you think we'll get another gem like the Damned Calendar?


Anonymous said...

Hey, Stan, love your new blog.
Re: your JS in hidden fields being truncated, could it be the 64K limit for computed text fields?
Just a guess,
Tom E.

Stan Rogers said...

"JS in hidden fields"? Please elaborate.

Stan Rogers said...

To elaborate: if you're speaking of the calendar entry form, there's room for an entry that spans 4-1/2 years before you run into the 15K limit for a single value. If you have a perpetual entry, hard-code it.